Curtin University

Address and Contact details
Curtin University of Technology
Kent Street
Bentley WA 6102
Telephone: (08) 9266 9266
Fax: (08) 9266 2255

About Curtin University
Who we are
Curtin University of Technology is Western Australia’s largest university with over 36,000 students, 14,000 of these are international students studying on shore in Australia or offshore through partner institutions, and over 1,600 research students. We take our name from the former Prime Minister of Australia from 1941-1945, John Curtin.

What we are
Curtin University of Technology is an internationally focused, high impact research institution. A culturally diverse university, we foster tolerance and encourage the development of the individual. Our learning programs centre around the provision of knowledge and skills to meet industry and workplace standards. A combination of first-rate resources, staff and technology makes Curtin a forerunner in tertiary education both within Australia and internationally.

Where we are
Our main campus is situated in Bentley, six kilometres south of the centre of Perth, Western Australia’s capital city. Curtin has two additional metropolitan campuses and regional campuses in Kalgoorlie, Northam and Margaret River. Curtin officially opened its first offshore campus in 2002 in Miri, in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia.

What we do
Curtin offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, engineering, health sciences, humanities, science, mining and agriculture. Our Centre for Aboriginal Studies offers bridging courses for indigenous students and the Vocational Training and Education Centre conducts vocational courses at Kalgoorlie and Esperance. Curtin also has an extensive Research and Development program.

Number of Available Higher Education Places
In 2003, Curtin had 24,512 places (EFTSU) (35,656 student numbers)

National Priority Places
In 2004, Curtin received 10 regional nursing places (EFTSU), rising to 27 places after 4 years.
In 2005, Curtin will receive 33 new nursing places (EFTSL), rising to 90 in 2008
In 2005, Curtin will receive 110 new teaching places (EFTSL), rising to 301 in 2008

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