Murdoch University

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Murdoch University
South Street
Murdoch WA 6150
Telephone: (08) 9360 6000
Fax: (08) 9360 6847

About Murdoch University
Murdoch is a dynamic, modern university with a national reputation for excellence in teaching, research and student satisfaction. It has strong links to its local region south-west of Perth, with the Rockingham and Peel campuses providing educational and research opportunities for their local community.

Murdoch has always paid particular attention to quality teaching and as a result we have been ranked among the best teaching campuses of all Australia’s public universities by an independent national survey of university graduates. The University’s flexible, interdisciplinary outlook provides students the opportunity to ‘design’ the best degree for their future careers.

A Murdoch education is designed to foster those qualities of imagination, independence of mind and life-long learning on which professional and personal development ultimately depend. Murdoch students are taught to think independently and critically, to assimilate new information and to apply their knowledge to practical problems. We have put students’ needs first ever since our doors opened.

We have a flexible admissions policy and provide several alternative entry paths for students from non-traditional academic backgrounds.

Murdoch remains one of the leading research universities in Australia, ranking in the top twelve on a per capita basis. Industry links provide a solid base for generating research and consultancy income. Our strong research performance is increasingly supported by industry, government and the University has a success rate among the highest in the country in attracting industry-linked Australian Research Council Linkage grants.

The second university to be established in Western Australia, we were set up as an institution committed to excellence in teaching and research, as well as to the flexibility of attitude and delivery which encouraged the concept of true equality in education. We were named after Australian academic and essayist, Sir Walter Murdoch, who embodied these characteristics.

Number of Available Higher Education Places
In 2003, Murdoch had 9,159 places (EFTSU) (12,724 student numbers)

National Priority Places
In 2004, Murdoch received 20 regional nursing places (EFTSU), rising to 56 places after 4 years.
In 2005, Murdoch will receive 45 new nursing places (EFTSL), rising to 123 in 2008
In 2005, Murdoch will receive 40 new teaching places (EFTSL), rising to 109 in 2008

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