Queen’s College

Name and Address
Queen’s College
College Crescent
Parkville Victoria 3052

Voice: +61 3 9349 0500
Fax: +61 3 9349 0525

E-mail : office@queens.unimelb.edu.au

About Queen’s College
Queen’s College, founded in 1887, offers residential accommodation and much more to students doing courses at the University of Melbourne and—in smaller numbers—RMIT and the Victorian College of Pharmacy.

The 218 undergraduate students at Queen’s form part of a larger community consisting of senior academics, tutors and post-graduate students.

Our aim at Queen’s is to provide the very best environment in which students can pursue their studies at the University. We not only provide extensive academic support, but also offer a large variety of social, sporting, cultural and spiritual activities. Your time at Queen’s will be the beginning of many life-long friendships.

History of the College
The origins of Queen’s College go back to the 19th century. It was founded by the Rev. William Quick on June 16th 1887 (Founder’s day) on the piece of land granted by the Victorian Government to the Methodist Church. The College came to be named Queen’s in honour of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign that was celebrated in that year. The College opened its doors on March 14th 1888 with 18 students. Its first Master was the remarkable English clergyman Dr. Edward H. Sugden, who remained in office for forty years (1888-1928). By the end of his Mastership, Queen’s had become the College that it is still recognizably today.

Queen’s College is now a College of the Uniting Church and is affiliated with the University of Melbourne. It is governed by a Council of about twenty-five members, representing the various constituencies of the College. The College is led by the seventh Master, Professor David T. Runia. In academic matters, the Master is advised by the Fellows of the College, who are distinguished former members of Queen’s.

Traditionally Queen’s was a male residental College, but 1973 it became co-educational and now has men and women in equal numbers as equal members. Queen’s has always been open to both resident and non-resident students without regard to their religious beliefs. Currently, there are 214 residential students and about 20 graduates and post-graduates, many of whom function as tutors. The undergraduate students form the Junior Common Room, the tutors and other senior members of the College form the Senior Common Room.

Queen’s College is associated with the Theological Hall of the Uniting Church. Several Theological Professors live in the grounds and participate in the activities of the College.

Queen’s College has a distinctive coat of arms. The animal on the crest is a Wyvern, a two-legged winged dragon of Scottish origin. It has been taken from the family arms of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church movement. Past members of the College are known as Wyverns. The motto of the College is the Latin phrase aedificamus in aeternum, which when translated means: “We are building for eternity”.

An excellent and detailed account of the first hundred years of Queen’s is to be found in Queen’s College University of Melbourne: a Centenary History, written by the fourth Master, Dr. Owen Parnaby, which is on sale at the College Office. The College also maintains in its Archives an extensive collection of records documenting its history and development.

Aims of the College
The Aims of Queen’s are to establish and maintain an academic community in which:

Christian worship is offered and members are encouraged to explore the truth of the Christian faith.
All members are encouraged to pursue academic excellence and to engage in a wide range of cultural, social and sporting activities.
Students have the opportunity to learn by example and teaching from senior members of the University and community.
Students studying in all faculties of the University live together and have the opportunity of getting to know each other.
All members, both individually and collectively, are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own affairs and to contribute in time, talent and (as means permit) money to the welfare of the whole College.

The following values are pursued:
freedom of intellectual enquiry,
tolerance of other people with differing views,
respect and consideration for other people and friendships that are lasting because they are based on the good of the other,
service to the community in which we all live.

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